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Mahmoud, Fatima Babiker.

8 vo. x, 170 pp. tables, publisher’s original wrappers, biblio. index, Zed Books / Khartoum University Press, London, 1984.


Shepherd, Andrew, Norris, Malcolm & Watson, John.

8 vo. vi, 207 pp; tables, figures, publishers’ original wrappers, appendices, glossary, published for the Development Administration Group, Institut of…


Babiker, Mahjoub Abd Al-Malik.

8 vo. 139 pp; publishers’ original wrappers, appendices, biblio. index, Graduate College Publications No. 14, University of Khartoum, Ithaca Press,…


Deng, Francis Mading.

8 vo. 79 pp of English text + 57 pp of Arabic text, publishers’ original wrappers, Ithaca Press, London, 1982.


Bleuchot, Herve/ Christain Delmert & Derek Hopwood (Editors).

8 vo. xvi, 298 pp; tables, figures, plans, English & French text, cloth in d/w, published for Ireman, Aix-En-Provence, The…


Abbas, Mekki.

8vo. xix, 201 pp., 3 maps of which 1 is large folding in colour at rear, cloth, lightly marked with…


The Egyptian Association In Great Britain & Ireland.

8 vo. 14 pp., publishers’ original wrappers, The Egyptian Association In Great Britain & Ireland, London, 1920.


Abd Al-Rahim, Muddathir.

8 vo. xv, 275 pp, 1 map, cloth in d/w, biblio, index, Oxford Studies in African Affairs, Oxford at the…


Newbold, Sir Douglas.

8 vo. 13 pp., publishers’ original stapled wrappers, Khartoum Cathedral Series No. 1, published by Sudan Bookshop, Khartoum, 1943.


Henderson K. D. D.

12mo. 59 pp., frontispiece map, 24 b/w plates, 1 map, cloth in d/w, Longmans, Green & Co., London, 1946.


Mohamed, Abbas Ahmed.

8 vo. xi, 193 pp, 3 maps, figures and tables, cloth in d/w, appendix, biblio, index, The Athlone Press, London,…


Abdel Rahim, Muddathir.

8vo. xi 275 pp; 1 map, publishers’ original wrappers, appendices, biblio, index, Khartoum University Press & Ithaca Press, London, 1986.


Alier, Abel.

8vo. 326 pp, maps, b/w plates, cloth in d/w, biblio, index, Ithaca Press, Reading, second edition, 1992.


Deng, Francis Mading.

8 vo. 348 pp. cloth, copy in mint condition, Ithaca Press, London, first edition, 1980.


Nutting, Gordon.

8 vo. 286 pp. photographs, 4 maps, cloth in slightly soiled & rubbed d/w, The Reprint Society, London, 1966.

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