A Guide to Conclusive Proofs for The Principles of Beliefs. Kitab al-Irshad ila Qawati’al-adilla fi usul al-i’tiqad, translated by Paul E. Walker, reviewed by Muhammad S. Eissa.

Al-Juwayni, Imam al-Haramayn.

Book ID: 18056

ISBN:      1859641539


8vo. XXXVII, [1], 250 pp., cloth in d/w, appendix, biblio, index, the Great Books of Islamic Civilization Series, Like New, The Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization, Garnet Publishing, Reading, 2000.


The work commonly known as al-Irshad ( The Guide), is a major Islamic classic theology. The author ( d. 1085), was the leading Ash’arite (Sunni) theologian of his time, but he was more famous for many important treatises on the principle of law and for having been the teacher of Al-Ghazalli.

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