A Yemen Reality. Architecture Sculptured in Mud and Stone.

Damluji, Salma Samar.

Book ID: 2557

ISBN:      1873938004


Small Folio. 355 pp., half-title, title, colour frontis., 666 full colour photographs, 1 double page colour map, cloth in d/w, New, Garnet Publishing, Reading, reprint, 2006.


The architecture of Yemen not only holds an important place in the history of architecture in Arabia, it also holds an important message for modern architecture worldwide. Unlike that of many of its more affluent neighbours, Yemeni architecture has not yet been seriously influenced by the development of modern materials and technology. For the most part the Yemeni master builders have kept alive the building methods and styles practised for many centuries, while adapting them to the current requirements of modern living. This ongoing proof of the practical value of traditional techniques and the aesthetic quality of design possible using indigenous materials and simple tools is clearly and beautifully demonstrated by this book.

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