Abregé du Livre des Pays.

Al-Hamadani, Ibn Al-Faqih.

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8vo. vii, 440 pp., Unopened, publisher’s original wrappers, light foxing to front cover at top edges, otherwise copy clean inside and in very good condition, translated from the original Arabic by Henri Masse, index, Institut Francais de Damas, Damascus, 1973.


Ibn Al-Faqih Al-Hamadani, a Muslim geographer who lived in the 9th century. Kitab al-Buldan is the only work that survived. Ann abridged form of Kitab al-Buldan is introduced by De Goeje with an authorrative preface. It seem that Ibn al-Faqih’s original work have been lost, but there exist three manuscripts of the abridged version, plus a fourth dicovered after De Goeje’s edition.
The countries which Ibn al-faqih describes in this work, are arranged according to the space he devotes to them: Iran, Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Rum, Djazira, Nubia, Abyssinia, the Maghrib, Andalusia, and the Sudan are given merely a brief resume.
According to De Goeje” This work provides a very important contribution to the history of culture in the second part of the 9th century. it contains a number of geographical and historical details which were hitherto unknown or inperfectly known; it deserve study because Makaddasi borrowed much from it and because it is among the main sources of Yakut”.

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