Al-Fahrast [The Index]. A Quarterly Journal Specialised in Documentation, Indexing and Bibliography. THIRTY THREE ISSUES IN TWENTY VOLUMES – COMPLETE SET. الفهرست


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8vo. A complete run from number 0-32, bound in 20 Volumes, hard back binding, double column per page, Volume Zero loose in 167 pp., Beirut, 1981-1988.


Al-Fahrast, this project falls within the context of the historical experience of the region and tries to fill a gap encountered by educational and cultural institutions, research institutes and specialised scientific centres in Lebanon and the Arab world, as well as researchers and those interested in the affairs of this part of the world. Working on indexing weekly, monthly and quarterly Arab magazines, based on all the experiences that have dealt with indexing and classification locally and internationally, would provide a reference that aspires to be comprehensive and accurate, and to contribute to the revival of civilised communication between Arab and Islamic writings.

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