Al-Hadatha. A Quarterly Cultural Journal dealing with Arab Heritage, 1994-2020. TWENTY EIGHT VOLUMES – A COMPLETE RUN. الحداثة


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8vo. Each issue is approximately 220 pp., all bound in hard back binding, a complete run up to date (including Nos 205-206, Winter 2020), Dar al-Hadatha, Beirut, 1994-2020.


This magazine, in its new content and mission, took upon itself to address issues of heritage and modernity to the level of interaction between two existing factors, leading to a third related one. Editor in chief, Farhan Saleh.
Among the topics of the magazine are folklore, singing, customs, traditions, proverbs, wisdom, traditional and rare expressions in our daily life, to defining folk crafts, their history, stories of folklore, and features of their identity in Arab countries.
Among the magazine’s contributors are: Abdullah Al-Alayli, Ahmed Abu Saad, Walid Gholmiyeh, Akram Qanso, Ilham
Kallab Al-Bassat, Tawfiq Al-Basha, Frederick Ma’touk, Salam Al-Rassi, and others.

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