Antun Saadeh. The Man, His Thought: An Anthology.

Beshara, Adel ( Edited By)

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ISBN:      9780863723087


8vo. xiii, 626 pp., notes, biblio, index. Hard Back Binding as published, Ithaca, Reading, 2007.


Antun Sa’adeh, a nationalist thinker who lived from 1904 to 1949, was one of the major intellectual figures of modern Syria. The impact of his ideas has been felt in politics, literature and philosophy, as well as in the social sciences. Indeed, the publications for which he was best known (The Rise of Nations, The Ten Lectures, Intellectual Struggle in Syrian Literature, and The Folly of Immortality), have had a broad influence on the politico-intellectual movement in Syria and throughout the Arab World.
Sa’adeh’s life was a unique blend of dedicated, perpetual struggle, righteous idealism, and theoretical pragmatism. He was not simply an outspoken figure on the political stage, but attempted the revolutionary treatment of paramount social and economic ills.
This book is a collection of scholarly articles by leading authorities on Antun Sa’adeh’s thought. The collection covers various aspects of his thought and not just his political views. The essays deal with specific issues, the arguments and counter-arguments that have been voiced, and they try, whenever possible, to take the various interpretations of aspects of Sa’adeh’s thought a few steps further. The book provides a synopsis of the work done hitherto in the field, discusses the important studies published over the past fifty years, including the most up-to-date work, and at the same time identifies the main problems that have arisen in Arabic as well as English secondary sources. It is therefore both a reference work summarising previous research in the field and an original work of synthesis and new interpretations

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