Arabiae Felicis, Petraeae et Desertae Nova et Accurata Delineatio.

Janssonius, Joannes.

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42 x 49.5 cm, original copper engraved hand-coloured map, double page blank on verso, fine impression, Apud Ionnem Janssonium, Amesterdam, 1658.


Joannes Janssonius (1588-1664) was a Dutch cartographer. This is an attractive map of the Arabian Peninsula drawn on a large scale on which the three classical divisions are shown with some urban centers and topographical features. There are also a certain number of illustrations representing trees, which usually indicate a large oasis, as in the present-day region of Braymi. The town Al-Qatif (Katife) is shown far from the coast. This map is a copy of the Blaeu map of 1662, which itself was probably published much earlier. [Tibbetts 101; Ankari

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