Arabic Qur’an (Ottoman Turkey).

Qur’an. Arabic Manuscript.

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4to. (height: 20,5 cm; width:13 cm; depth: 3 cm), complete in naksh calligraphy of 15 lines per page in black and red ink, and in white ink on gold background for the titles of suras, last 2 leaves detached. The verses are marked by golden rosettes, with marginal polychrome rosettes, manuscript opening on an illuminated bifolio with polychrome decoration in gold and silver, the morocco binding bearing a stamped and gilded decoration with a central part comprising an osmanli poem and a tughra-shaped mash-alla, dated 1266 hegira / 1850, is very close to a manuscript preserved in Matenadaran d Yerevan (Ms. 1701), the last page is also illuminated with the colophon giving the name of the calligrapher Shukri b. Hussein al-Khariuti (?), Pupil of the master Hafiz Ali al-Rahmi in the year 1276 Hegira / 1860. .  
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