Carte de la Coste d’Arabie, Mer Rouge, et Golfe de Perse. Tiree de la Carte Francoise de l’Ocean Oriental.

Bellin, Jacques-Nicolas.

Book ID: 8614


Engraved map, 25 x 22 cms, ‘Longitude de l’Isle de Fer [ben, marg. low, I.h.] Note [Up, r.h.], lieus ou il y a observations astromoniques de Latitude et de Longitude, Observations astronom, de Latitude, Observations de Latitude faites par d’habiles Navigateurs. No. 13 [ben, marg.r.], 1740). 22 x 24 cms, published by the order of Comte de Maurepas in 1740.


This map by the French cartographer Jacques-Nicolas Belin (1703-1772) shows the Arabian Peninsula in details on the south and south east coast only. The data is limited to the positions of major towns, and the cartographer has adopted his own regional divisions: Hejaz, Mecca, Tahamah along the length of the Red Sea coast, Bahrayn and Maskat in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, and Yemen in the extreme south. The map also includes a decorated cartouche for the title. [Tibbetts 269; Ankari 339].

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