Carte du Gouvernement d’Alger et de la Regence de Tunis: avec une partie du bassin inférieur de la Méditerranée.

Andriveau-Goujon, J.

Book ID: 32604


Lithograph hand coloured map: 38 x 51 cm, Scale [ca. 1:675,000] (W 08°--E 11°/​N 43°--N33°), folding on linen, fitted in an original slipcase, title gilt on spine, includes insets of "Territoire d'Alger," "Golfe de Bône," "Environs de Constantine," "Bougie," and "Province d'Oran." J. Andriveau-Goujon, Paris, 1834.


This map was published at “ Classical and universal Atlas of geography ancient and modern, containing the discoveries and the most new divisions in the five parts of the world to serve on reading trips, historical works and the best drafts geography. Published by J. Andriveau-Goujon. Adopted by the Minister of War for regimental libraries.

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