Early Mamluk Syrian Historiography. Al Yunini’s Dhayl Mir’at Al-Zaman. TWO VOLUMES.

GUO, Li.

Book ID: 21888

ISBN:      9004108181


8vo. Volume I: English Text: viii, [1], 241 pp., [1], 1 figure / Volume II: Arabic Text: xv description of the manuscripts in English, 338 pp., of Arabic text, notes, biblio, indexes, cloth in d/w, set in mint condition, Islamic History And Civilization Studies & Texts Series, Volume 21, Brill, Leiden, 1998.


This laudable work offers a study, translation and partial edition of one of the most important early Mamluk sources and its author. In addition to the work’s contribution to Mamluk history, it also makes a significant contribution towards the ultimate goal of having the key texts of early Mamluk historiography accessible to scholars.
Volume I is the first part of a study and partial edition (1297-1302), with annotated translation, of Al-Yūnīnī’s (d. 1326) Chronicle, one of the most significant sources of the early Mamluk period. Various issues concerning early Mamluk historiography are also explored.
Volume II is an edition of the years 1297-1302 (697-701 AH) of al-Yunini’s Chronicle, collated with the extant fragments of al-Jazari’s (d. 1338) Hawadith al-Zaman.

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