Fusul al-Ilaqi fi al-Tubb, Mukhtasar Qanoon Ibn Sina.

ARABIC MANUSCRIPT. Al-Ilaqi, Muhammad Bin Yusuf.

Book ID: 23468


8vo. [3], 43 leaves, 25 lines to the page, text within gilt border, contemporary comments in margins, contemporary hard boards, rubbed, spine repaired, stained throughout, first 2 leaves detached, copied by Muhammad Bin ali bin Muhammad Wali Al-Bukhari al-Makki, for the library of Sultan Zaid Bin Muhsin Al-Husni, in Mekka, 1050.


Al-A’lam 7/ 149.
Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Ilaqi was an eleventh-century Persian physician from Khorasan. He died around 460/1068 and should be counted among Avicenna’s (d. 429/1037) direct students. Al-Ilaqi produced an epitome of the first book of the Canons of Medicine by Avicenna which was known under various titles: Kitab al-Fusul al-Ilaqiyya (“The Aphorisms of al-Ilaqi”) and Kitab al-asbab wa-al-’alamat (“The Book of Causes and Symptoms”). Al-Ilaqi’s greatly abbreviated version of the first book of the Canon was very popular, and many copies have survived. This work is a commentary on Kitab Fusul al-Ilaqiyya.

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