Ibn An-Nafis et La Découverte de la Circulation Pulmonaire.

Chéhadé, Abdul-Karim.

Book ID: 18067


8vo. 54 pp., [1], 8 b/w plates hors text, publisher’s original wrappers, biblio, title printed in red on front cover, Unopened, copy in Mint condition, Institut Français de Damas, First edition, 1955.


Ibn An-Nafis one of the distinguished Muslim physicians in the 13th century. Besides medicine, Ibn An-Nafis studied grammar, logic, and Islamic religious sciences. At an unknown date he moved to Cairo, where he was given the important post of Chief Physician of Egypt, and became personal physician of Sultan Baybars. The most important achievement of ibn An-Nafis in the field of medicine was this work in which he devised a theory about pulmonary circulation of the blood, from the right ventricle of the heart through the pulmonary artery to the lung, boldly contradicting the accepted ideas of Galler and Ibn Sina (Avicenna).

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