Journey to The Sublime Porte. The Arabic Memoir of A Sherifian Agent’s Diplomatic Mission To The Ottoman Imperial Court In The Era of Suleyman The Magnificient + CD ROM.

Blackburn, Richard (Ed. & Translator).

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ISBN:      3899134419


8vo. xxiii, 367 pp., 1 colour map. publisher’s original wrappers + CD ROM, biblio., index, Ergon Verlag Wurzburg & Orient-Institut Der DMG, 2005.


The relevant text from Qutb Al-Din Al-Nahrawali’s Al-Fawa’id al-Saniyah Fi al-Rihlah al-Madaniyah Wa al-Rumiyah.
Late in 1557 Shaykh Qutb al-Din al-Nahrawali, a Meccan religious figure was sent by the Sharif of Mecca to Istanbul to plead in the Imperial Council of State for the removal of a local Ottoman official. The object of the mission and its failure are less important than al-Nahrawali’s diary-like memoir of the journey which yields rich information on the Ottoman heartlands, capital and court in what is held to have been the heyday of the empire. Accompanying the returning Syrian pilgrimage caravan as far as Damascus, where it wintered over for two months, his small party then crossed Anatolia to the Bosphorus. Along the way he met with Prince Bayezid, who sought his support against his brother, the future Sultan Selim II. Once in the capital, where his two-month sojourn accounts for a quarter of the diary, he met with Rustem Pasha, the powerful grand vizier, had audiences with Sultan Suleyman I (the Magnificent) and with Abu al-Su’ud Efendi, the empire’s celebrated chief religious official, and witnessed the funeral procession of Hurrem (Roxelana), Suleyman’s influential consort. He returned by sea to Alexandria, and from Cairo he accompanied the Egyptian pilgrimage caravan to Mecca.

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