Kitab Al Taharah. Le Livre de la Purete.


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8vo. (21 x 15 cm), unpaginated [278 pp], Arabic text, 13 hand written lines per page, black and red ink, covers of the period (very worn), signs of worm holes not affecting text, all edges worn, inside pages clean, dated Cha’bane 1188 Hijri (5 November 1774).


Kitab al-Taharah (Book of Purification) is the highest aim of a true believer. It is for the achievement of purification he affirms his faith in God by renouncing all other types of divinity.
This book covers questions about al-Taharah (Pureness). It serves readers usefully about questions that may be raised about Taharah in Islamic belief on areas of prayer, ablution, death, and physical needs according to Islamic Shari’ah. It consists of six parts: Water Types, Physical needs, Ablution, Tayammum, and Death washing ceremonies. Each part covers several subdivisions in the six areas.
The love of God is not something inert or lifeless; it is dynamic in the sense that it calls for a complete change in the life of man: change in his thoughts and ideas and change in his conduct and behaviour. One who claims to be a believer in Allah has to make a good deal of effort with a view to pleasing his: lord. He has to purify his soul from all evil thoughts and fancies so that the love of God should reside in it. Unless the soul is purged of all impurities one cannot achieve salvation. This is known as Tahara in Islam, and it is a foundation-stone. This high objective of the purification of the soul requires intentional and deliberate efforts and a good deal of sacrifice on the part of man, and the most elementary stage in this sacred path is the cleanliness of body.
By enjoining cleanliness of body upon man Islam awakens him to the realisation of the fact that when impurities on the body of a man produce unhealed by effects on his physical being and corrode his mental health, how miserable his life would be when his soul is polluted with impurities. The process of the purification of the soul should, therefore, start with the purification of the body.

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