La Poterie Islamique. Tome L: Mission de Susiane, sous la direction de R. Ghirshman – Ville Royale de Suse IV.

Rosen-Ayalon, Myriam.

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Folio [2], xii, 313 pp; French text, 69 b/w plates hors text, 660 figures in text, 7 appendices of which 1 folding, hard boards, title printed in black on spine & front cover, biblio, Mémoires de la Délégation Archéologique en Iran, Mission de Susiane, Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner, 1974.


The result of excavations for many years in the Islamic city of Susse in Iran by a mission from the Louvre museum. The work discusses various aspects of Islamic pottery at the first centuries of the Hijra. Its a rare comprehensive monograph on the Islamic ceramic art of Susa – an ancient city of the Proto-Elamite, Elamite, First Persian Empire, Seleucid, and Parthian empires of Iran, and one of the most important cities of the Ancient Near East, excavated under the direction of an eminent specialist in ancient Persia, the Russian-born French archaeologist – Roman Ghirshman (1895-1979), together with his wife Tania Ghirshman. The pottery found at the various levels enabled a stratigraphy to be developed for Susa. Miriam Rosen-Ayalon studies Sassanian art, Mamluk History, and Sassanian Archaeology, and is an emerit professor at the Jerusalem Archaeology University.

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