Middle Eastern Affairs. Number One.

Hourani, Albert (Edit).

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8vo. 140 pp; cloth in d/w, St. Antony’s Papers no. 4, Book plate, d/w has a small tear by bottom spine, and edges rubbed; otherwise copy in very good condition; Chatto & Windus, London, 1958.


The following seven studies are published in this issue:
1- The Middle East and the crisis of 1956, by Albert Hourani.
2- Secret societies and the Persian revolution of 1905-06, by Ann Lambton.
3- Waqf reform in Egypt, by Gabriel Baer.
4- Religion and politics, the diaries of Khalil Sakakini, by Elie Kedourie.
5- Labour and social affairs in Egypt, by M. Audsley.
6- The source-materials of the Sudanese Mahdia, by P.M. Holt.
7- The Legal and historical basis of the British position in the Persian Gulf, by J.B. Kelly.

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