Neopatriachy. A theory of distorted change in Arab Society.

Sharabi, Hisham.

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ISBN:      0195051416


8vo. xi, 196 pp., cloth backed boards in lightly faded d/w, notes, biblio, index, copy in mint condition, Oxford University Press, New York & Oxford, first edition, 1988.


This work addresses a problem central to all developing societies in the Third World, that of the transition from patriarchy to secularism, from traditional culture to modernity. Challenging some of the most cherished and widely held beliefs in the Arab world, the author develops a theory of social change which offers an understanding of the setbacks and distortions which have shaped this process of transformation.
Contents: Neopatriarchy: Concept and Reality — Patriarchy and Modernity — The Social Formation of Neopatriarchy — The Structure and Relations of Neopatriarchy — The Sociohistorical Origins of Neopatriarchy — Neopatriarchy in the Age of Imperialism — The Neopatriarchal Discourse — Radical Criticism of Neopatriarchal Culture — The Final Phase — What Is To Be Done?.

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