Pellegrinaggio a Gerusalemme ed al Monte Sinai negli anni 1831, 1832, 1833 del R. Padre Maria Giuseppe de Geramb religioso della Trappa. Tradotto dal francese. THREE VOLUMES IN ONE.

De Geramb, Maria Giuseppe.

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12mo. Volume I: 395 pp., [1 errata] / Volume II: 397 pp., [3] / Volume III: 317 pp., [3], modern cloth backed boards, translated from French, heavy foxing to title & few preliminary pages of volume one, occasional spotting throughout, otherwise copy in good condition, Per Giovanni Silvestri, Milano, 1840.


Baron Ferdinand von Marie-Joseph De Geramb was a member of a monastery near Mulhausen in Alsace. He turned to religion after an adventurous youth as a soldier and had long dreamed of making pilgrimage to the Holy Land. After the revolution of July, 1830, when the monastery was closed and the monks were forced to give up their habit, he travelled to the Levant. His letters describe his journey through Egypt, Palestine, and Syria; he also touches briefly on the Greek revolution. This work is the translation of his French edition to Italian.

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