Persian Miniatures In The Fogg Museum of Art.

Schroeder, Eric.

Book ID: 24757


4to. xiii, 166 pp., 30 b/w plates, cloth in torn d/w, biblio., glossary, index, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1942.


Schroeder’s diligent and detailed catalogue is precise and clearly presented.
“Covering the whole period from the fourteenth to the end of the seventeenth century, Mr. Schroeder has here provided a general account of Persian book painting at its height. The story is developed in connection with the examples at the Fogg Museum. The introduction gives the reader an historical and critical vantage-point, where he can use modern concepts of pictorial expression along with some insight derived from Oriental sources. The volume is a supplement to existing histories of Persian paintings; it is not merely a collection of fine miniatures and reasonable attributions, but a series of essays to place each picture in the life and thought of his time.” (Publisher).

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