The Cambridge History of Islam. Volume I: The Central Islamic Lands. Volume II: The Further Islamic Lands, Islamic Society and Civilization. TWO VOLUMES.

Holt, P. M./ Ann K. Lambton & Bernard Lewis (Editors).

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ISBN:      052107567x


8vo. Volume I: The Central Islamic Lands: xviii, 815 pp., maps / Volume II: The further Islamic Lands, Islamic Society and Civilization: xxvi, 966 pp., maps, photographic plates, cloth in d/w, biblio, glossary, index, previous owner’s inscription verso front covers, otherwise set in very good condition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, first edition, 1970.


First published in 1970, The Cambridge History of Islam is the most comprehensive and ambitious collaborative survey of Islamic history and civilization yet to appear in English. On publication it was welcomed as a work useful both for reference and reading, for the general reader, student and specialist alike. It has now been reprinted, with corrections, and for ease of handling the original two hardcover volumes have each been divided into two separate paperbacks. Contents List of maps; Preface; Introduction; Part V. The Indian Sub-Continent: 1. Muslim India before the Mughals I. H. Qureshi; 2. India under the Mughals I. H. Qureshi; Appendix J. Burton-Page; 3. The breakdown of traditional society S. A. A. Rizvi; 4. India and Pakistan Aziz Ahmad; Part VI. South-East Asia: 5. South-east Asian Islam to the eighteenth century H. J. de Graaf; 6. South-east Asian Islam in the nineteenth century William R. Roff; 7. South-east Asian Islam in the twentieth century Harry J. Benda; Part VII. Africa and the Muslim West: 8. North Africa to the sixteenth century Roger le Tourneau; 9. North Africa in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries R. Mantran; 10. North Africa in the pre-colonial period André Raymond; 11. North Africa in the period of colonization André Nouschi; 12. The Nilotic Sudan P. M. Holt; 13. The Western and Central Sudan Humphrey Fisher; 14. The Iberian Peninsula and Sicily Ambroxio Huici Miranda. Contributors I. H. Qureshi, J. Burton-Page, S. A. A. Rizvi, Aziz Ahmad, H. J. de Graaf, William R. Roff, Harry J. Benda, Roger le Tourneau, R. Mantran, André Raymond, André Nouschi, P. M. Holt, Humphrey Fisher, Ambroxio Huici Miranda Reviews ‘ undoubtedly a very valuable and very much needed contribution to the field of Islamic studies. It is a thoroughly scholarly and often erudite presentation of the entire Muslim world that will be consulted by the specialist and non-specialist for many years to come.’ The Middle East Journal ‘On the basis of length and scope, the History is the most comprehensive, and at the same time the most detailed study of Islam so far attempted, and it is likely to remain so for at least another generation.’ Journal of the American Oriental Society Printed Pages: 966

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