The English amongst The Persians during The Qajar Period 1787-1921.

Wright, Denis.

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ISBN:      0434878200


8vo, xv, 218 pp., colour frontispiece tipped-in, photographs, cloth in d/w, previous owner’s name inscribed verso front and back end paper, appendices, reference, biblio, index, copy in very good condition, Heinemann, London, 1977.


Against the background of the intense Anglo-Russian rivalry, the author describes the multifarious activities – diplomatic, military, commercial, missionary, etc of the British in Persia and their impact on the Persians during the Qajar period. He underlines the unhappy impression left by the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907 dividing Persia into spheres of influence between what were then the world’s two super-powers. He concludes with a brief but authorative account, based on the diaries of the late Lord Ironside, of the events preceding the historic coup d’ etat of 21 February 1921 led by Reza Khan, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty.

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