The Image of The Word. A Study of Quranic Verses in Islamic Architecture. TWO VOLUMES.

Dodd, Erica Cruikshank & Shereen Khairallah.

Book ID: 5027

ISBN:      0815660618


4to. Volume I: Text and Photographs, vi, 91 pp., 107 b/w photo illustrations including a frontispiece, notes / Volume II: Indexes, x, 325 pp., biblio, hard back in d/w, set in Mint Condition, American University of Beirut, first edition, 1981.


In Islam, God is revealed through the “Word”, the Koran, and it is this “Word” that is the foundation of all Moslem artistic expression. “The Image of the Word” presents this approach in two volumes: Vol. I presents the arguments and conclusions drawn from the Indexes in Volume II, the latter which presents the documentation for the arguments.

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