The Journal of Oman Studies. Volume 6, Parts 1 & 2. 1983.

Costa, Paolo Maria (Editor).

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4to. 339 pp., frontispiece portrait, 1 map, plans, 52 b/w plates, numerous figures, tables, publisher’s original wrappers, appendices, biblio, The Ministry of Information and Culture, Sultanate of Oman, 1983.


Articles presented to the Conference on Oman Studies held in Muscat November 1980. This issue contains the following:
Part I: History & Documentation: Some Notes on the Portuguese in Oman. By C. F. Beckingham. / A Collections of Texts dealing with the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman and its international Relations, 1790-1970. By Robin Bidwell. / New Light on the Relations between the Portuguese and the Omanis, 1613-1633. By C. R. Boxer. / The Early History of Oman in East Africa. By James Kirkman. / References to Oman in the Literature of Arabian Geography. By Manuela Marin. / Documentation on Oman. By J. Pearson. / Omani Naval Activities off the Southern Arabian Coast in the Late 11th/17th Century, from Yemeni Chronicles. By R. B. Serjeant. / Relations between China and the Arabs in Early Times. By Zhang Jun-Yan. / Linguistics: The Code Languages of Oman. By D. H. Linsall. / Folk-Tales and Folk-Lore of Dhofar. By T. Johnstone. / Some Preliminary Remarks on a Collection of Poems and Songs of the Batahirah. By M. J. Morris. / Masqat in the Arab Lexigrophers and Geographers. By C. Rex Smith. / Social Anthropology: The Beduins of Central Oman: Adaptationa and Fossilization. By Dawn Chatty. / Religious Knowledge in Inner Oman. By Dale F. Eickelman. / Irrigation: On Omani Aflaj and the Madrid Water Supply System. By Francisco Utray. / The Origins of Aflaj of Oman. By J. C. Wilkinson.
Part II: Numismatics: The Sinaw Hoard of Early Islamic Coins. By N. Lowick. / Arms & Armour: Arms Manufacture & the Arms Trade in South-Eastern Arabia in the Early Muslim Period. By David Nicolle / Archaeology: Farming Communities of the Oman Peninsula & the Copper of Makkan. By Thierry Berthoud & Serge Cleuziou. / Notes on Settlements Patterns in Traditional Oman. By P.M. Costa / Copper Production during the Third Millennium BC in Oman & the Question of Makkan. By Gerd Weisgerber. / Epigraphy: Preliminary Epigraphic Survey of Islamic Material in Dhofar. By Giovanni Oman / Architecture: Introduction to Omani Military of the 16th, 17th & 18th Centuries. By Enrico d’Errico. / Suhari House. By M. Kervan / Natural Sciences: The Mammal Fauna of Oman with special reference to Conservation & the Oman Flora & Fauna Surveys. By David L. Harrison / Independence & Rural Development in Oman: The Experience of the “Khabura Development Project”. By R. Dutton.

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