The Land and The Book, or Biblical Illustrations Drawn from the Manners and Customs, the Scenes and Scenery of The Holy Land. THREE VOLUMES.

Thomson, William M.

Book ID: 4550


8vo. Volume I: Southern Palestine and Jerusalem: xx, 592 pp., 140 illustrations & maps / Volume II: Central Palestine and Phoenicia; xxiv, 689 pp., 130 illustrations & maps / Volume III: Lebanon, Damascus and Beyond Jordan: xxxiv, 711 pp., 147 illustrations & maps, wood engraved frontispiece plates, modern cloth, title gilt on spine, bookplate of Paola & Bertrand Lazard verso front covers, blind stamp on title pages, otherwise set in good condition, T. Nelson & Sons, London, 1881-1886.


William Thomson was a missionary, who lived in Syria for 45 years. Although he wrote a few other works, this was his magnum opus and was published many times after the initial edition of 1859. “Frequently revised during his lifetime, this exhaustive account of Palestinian life and landscape (intended elucidate scripture) was an immense best seller in 19th century America, second only to the Bible, and spawned a host of imitations”. [Bevis p. 202].

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