The Muslim World. A Historical Survey. Part I: The Age of the Caliphs. Part II: The Mongol Period. Part III: The Last Great Muslim Empires. Part IV: Modern Times. FOUR VOLUMES.

Spuler, Bertold.

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8vo. vi, [1], 138 pp., 4 colour folding maps / [vii], 125 pp; 1 folding colour map, 3 tables / ix, 302 pp., [1 pp errata], tables / x, 370 pp., biblio, indexes, original cloth, title gilt on spine & front cover, previous owner’s name inscribed verso front & lower covers, translated from the German by F.R.C. Bagley, E. J. Brill, Leiden,second edition, 1960 -1981.


A historical survey. 4 volumes set. Vol. 1: The age of the Caliphs. Vol. 2: The Mongol Period. Vol. 3: The last great Muslim empires. Vol. 4: Modern times. Translations and adaptations by F. R. C. Bagley. With contributions by H. J. Kissling, F. R. C. Bagley, N. Barbour, J. S. Trimingham, H. Braun, B. Spuler, H. Hartel, H. Scheel, G. Jaschke, H. Braun, F. R. G. Bagley, W. M. Hale, T. Koszinowski, H. Kahler.

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