The Persian Revolution of 1905-1909.

Browne, Edward Granville.

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8 vo. xxvi 470 pp., frontispiece portrait, b/w plates, cloth, previous owner’s name inscribed verso front & lower cover, appendices, notes, index, spine lightly faded, otherwise copy in very good condition, Frank Cass & Co. Ltd., London, second edition, 1966.


Edward Browne ( 1862-1926) a British Orientalist specializing in Persian language. In 1887-88, he spent twelve months in Persia and wrote his impressions in this book. In this book, he discusses the role played by Jamal Ulddin Al-Afghani ‘the protagonist of pan-Islamism’ in influencing the Persian Revolution. He also discusses in detail the incidents and events that led to the outbreak of the revolution from the assassination of Nasiruddin Shah to the accession of Sultan Ahmad Shah.
Originally published in 1910. A “history” of contemporary events. Browne was not an eye witness to events in Persia during the time but through various contacts he kept abreast of every occurrence. He was the moving spirit behind the formation of the “Persia Committee” composed of members of both Houses of Parliament which supported the Constitutional Revolution of Persia.
A Moving account by an active participant in spirit, of the aspirations of an oppressed people who “when exalted by enthusiasm, can meet death and torture not merely by stoicism but with ecstasy.” The book contains the first English translation of the 1906 constitution and the Supplement.
GHANI p.53.

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