The Present State of The Ottoman Empire. Containing the Maxims of the Turkish Polity the most Material Points of the Mahometan Religion their Sects and Herefies their Convents and Religious Votaries; Their Military Discipline with an Exact Computation of their Forces both by Sea and Land

RYCAUT (Ricaut), Paul.

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ISBN:      0405027877


8vo. 217 pp., frontis, profusely illustrated, Cloth, Bookplate and inscription of Prof. R.M. Burrell Bookplate, reprinted from a microfilm copy furnished by the Harvard University Library, from The Eastern Europe Collection, Arno Press and the New York Times, first reprint, 1971.


The diplomat Ricaut lived in Constantinople and wrote his History in the early 1660s (first edition published 1666 but post-dated 1667). After a detailed description of the education of future officers and servants of the Emperor; a chapter describes the large band of ‘mutes and dwarfs’ at court, mentioned earlier by DALLAM .

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