The Return of The Ayatollah. The Iranian Revolution from Mossadeq to Khomeini.

Heikal, Mohamed.

Book ID: 7881

ISBN:      0233974040


8vo. 217 pp., hard boards in d/w, index, copy in very good condition, Andre Deutsch, London, first edition, 1981.


Long-reputed to be one of the best-informed men in the Middle East, Heikal has drawn on a first hand experience of Iran which goes back over a quarter of a century. He knew the late Shah well; he has had before and after the revolution, a number of exclusive interviews with Ayatollah Khomeini; he has talked with political, religious and military leaders of Iran. As a narrative, his account of the Shah’s rise to absolute power and of his overthrow is likely to stand as definitive. He also offers an analysis and explanation which is masterly and could be invaluable in ensuring that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

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