Timbuktu & The Songhay Empire. Al-Sa’di’s Ta’rikh Al-Sudan Down To 1613 And Other Contemporary Documents

Hunwick, John.

Book ID: 16234

ISBN:      9004112073


8vo. lxv, 412 pp., cloth in d/w, gloss., sketch maps, notes, biblio, index, New, E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1999.


The Rise of The Indo-Afghan Empire, c. 1710-1780 deals with the magnificent world of Afghan nomads, horse-dealers and mercenaries bridging the frontiers between the old metropolitan centres of India, Iran and Central Asia. During the eighteenth century they succeeded in establishing a vigorous new system of Indo-Afghan states. In Central Asia, the Afghans created an imperial tradition on the basis of long-standing Perso-Islamic ideals. In India, along the caravan routes with Turkistan and Tibet, they carved out thriving principalities in association with military service and the breeding and trade in war-horses. By fully incorporating this Afghan ascendancy into the fabric of Islamic and world history the author challenges the widely held notion of a gloomy Afghan past.

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