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Khoury, Philip S.

8vo. xix, [1], 698 pp., 7 b/w photographs, 2 maps, 13 tables, publisher’s original wrappers, glossary, append, biblio, foreword by…


Seale, Patrick.

8vo. xxii, 352 pp., 2 maps, foreword by Albert Hourani, cloth in d/w, biblio, index, lower right corner slightly bumped,…


Saadeh, Khalil.

8vo. 311 pp., Arabic text, hard back binding, index, copy in mint condition, new, Kutub Publishing, Beirut, 2016.


Van Dam, Nikolaos.

8vo. xii, 228 pp., 1 map, 9 tables, publisher’s original wrappers, appendices, notes, biblio., index, I. B. Tauris, London, 1996.


Heydemann, Steven.

8vo. x, 226 pp., tables, cloth in d/w, biblio, index, copy in mint condition, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 1999.


Wedeen, Lisa.

8vo. xi, 244 pp., numerous caricatures, b/w illustration, publisher’s original wrappers, notes, biblio, index, University of Chicago Press, 1999.


Perthes, Volker.

8vo. [7], 298 pp., cloth in d/w, biblio. index, copy in mint condition, I. B. Tauris, London, 1995.


Yamak, Labib Zuwiyya.

8vo. vi, 177 pp., 1 table, publisher’s original wrappers, biblio, notes, small mark at top corner of upper cover, spine…


Ma’oz, Moshe.

8vo. xii, 280 pp., cloth in d/w, mint condition, biblio, index, The Clarendon Press, Oxford, first edition, 1995.

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