A Facsimile of the Manuscript of al-Kitab al-Bari’ fi-L-Lughah. مخطوطة الكتاب البارع في اللغة

Al-Kali, Isma’il ibn Kasim.

Book ID: 3518


4to. 148 pp., of Arabic text, 15 pp., [1], of introduction & index in English, edited by A.S. Fulton, cloth, title gilt on spine & upper cover, copy clean & in very good condition, British Museum, Department of Oriental Printed Books and Manuscripts, London, 1933.


The work is considered as the pre-eminent Book of Lexicography, composed in Cordoba by the famous Arab philologist of the 10th century Abu ‘Ali Isma’il Ibn Al-Kasim Al-Kali. The manuscript, which is reproduced in this volume, was written on vellum by an Andalusian scribe probably in the 11th century, it comprises fragments of a huge dictionary of the Arabic language entitled “Al-Kitab Al-Bari’ Fi-L-Lughah”.

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