‘Abd Allah B. Yassas Encargado de la Ceca de Cordoba en el Ano 337 O 329 H? + Nota Sobre un Quirate Anonimo y Su Problematica.TWO OFF PRINTS.

Tawfiq, Ibrahim.

Book ID: 36419


8vo. Spanish text, Volume I: 471-474 pp. 3 figures, off print of Al-Qantara, Revista de Estudios Arabes, Volume IX, Fasc 2, Madrid, 1988 / Volume II: 37-38 pp., 6 figures, publisher’s stapled wrappers, off print from Gaceta Numismatica, Separata, 93, Junio, [1989].


Abd Allah B. Yasha in charge of the Cordoba Mint in the year 337 or 329 H + Note on an Anonymous Quirate (carat) and its Problems (Two Off Prints).

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