Ahdath Asir, Muzakarat al-Mutasarrif Sulaiman Shafiq Kamali.

Kamali, Sulaiman Shafiq.

Book ID: 35788

ISBN:      9789953554693


8vo. 199 pp., Arabic text, edited & introduced by Fandi Abu Fakhr, publisher’s original wrappers, index, NEW, Kutub Publishing, Beirut, first edition, 2018.


The memoirs of the Ottoman governor of Asir Sulaiman Shafiq Kamali. Kamali served in Yemen pre World War one. In his memoirs he describes his journey to ‘Asir his relation with its tribes and with the Idrissis, the conflict between Sharif Hussain and Ibn Saud and al-Idrissi of Asir. He also discusses the politics of the Ottomans towards the Arabian Peninsula.

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