Al-Fawa’id al-Tibiyya fi al-’Amrad al-Jildiyya.

Mahmud, Hassan.

Book ID: 35018


8vo. 4 pp., (table of contents), 198 pp. Arabic lithographic text, inner corner of page 2- slightly cut with loss, paper slightly browned, minor damage to title page, newly rebound in modern black binding with gilt title and date on spine, very good condition, Matba’at al-Madaris al-Malakiyyah, Cairo, 1291 A. H. / 1874.


Arabic books printed in the second half of the 19th century are rare. Most of the books that have been printed, especially at Boulaq Press in Cairo, were translations from foreign language books.
The modernisation process led by the then ruler of Egypt, Khedive Muhammad Ali (1805-1848) succeeded in introducing new fields of interest for education either through translations or through printing original texts written by Egyptians. Groups of Egyptians were sent to Europe to study modern sciences and foreign teachers were also brought to Egypt. Schools were set up and the new knowledge invaded Egypt and the Arab East. This work has been written by one of the Egyptian scholars of the period.

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