Al-Injeel al-Ilahi al-Muqaddas. الإنجيل الإلهي المقدس


Book ID: 36068


4to. [6], 236 pp., [6], Arabic text, double column per page, all headings printed in red, title page within gilt borders, listing on borders the titles of the six gospels, 4 b/w illustrations, contemporary quarter calf, title gilt on raised spine, embossed gilt sign of cross on front & back covers, copy clean and in perfect condition, printed at St. Peter Printing Press, Harissa, Mount Lebanon, 1929.


This beautiful edition of the Bible was translated in 1929 by Maximos Sayigh, the Greek Catholic bishop of Tyre. Sayigh compared his translation to the translations of the Jesuit fathers and that of Abdallah al-Zakhir.
This translation of the Bible is one of 26 Arabic translated editions that appeared between 1591 and the present day. It is a historical fact, that the first printed edition of the Arabic gospels was issued in Rome in 1591. The text was brought from Lebanon and printed with some beautiful wood blocks of the various scenes in the New Testament, exactly like this edition.

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