Al-Kashi on Root Extraction. The extraction of the n-th root in the sexagesimal notation. A study of chapter 5, Treatise III of Miftah al-Hisab.

Al-Kashi, Jamshid Ghiyath Al-Din / Wasfi A. Hijab & E. S. Kennedy (Editors).

Book ID: 7834


4to. 42 pp., numerous facsimile illustrations, figures, tables,1 folding at rear pocket, publisher’s original wrappers, translation & commentary by Abdul-Kader Dakhel, Sources And Studies In The History of The Exact Sciences Series No: 2, biblio, index, American University of Beirut, 1960.


This study is a detailed examination of a topic in medieval Islamic computational technique, a general method of extracting the n-th root of a positive number displayed in the sexagesimal notation.

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