Al-Mughanun al-Baghdadiyun wa al-Maqam al-Iraqi. المغنون البغداديون والمقام العراقي

Al-Hanafi, Jalal.

Book ID: 36088


8vo. 119 pp., Arabic text, hard back binding, original wrappers preserved, last page partly damaged, Ministry of Irshad, Baghdad, 1964. 


The Iraqi Maqam is a genre of Arabic maqam music found in Iraq that is at least four-hundred years old. The ensemble of instruments used in this genre, called Al-Chalghi al-Baghdadi, includes a qari’ (singer), santur, jawza, tabla or dunbug/dumbeg, and sometimes riqq and naqqarat. The focus is on the poem, sung in classical Arabic or an Iraqi dialect (then called zuhayri).

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