Al Rahalat al-Hijaziyyah.

Sadik Pasha, Muhammad.

Book ID: 17273


8vo. Arabic text, 440 pp., tables, b/w plates hors text, publisher’s wrappers, copy in mint condition, edited by Muhammad Hammam, Badr Lil Nashr, Beirut, 1999.


General Muhammad Sadik (1822 – 1902) served in the Egyptian army. He was the first photographer to take photographs in Makkah and Madinah as early 1860’s. This book contains four travel accounts he made to the Hijaz in company with the Egyptian pilgrimage caravan. They are as follows:
1- Nabza fi istikshaf tareek al-ard al-Hijaziyya. 1860.
2- Mish’al al-mahmal. 1880.
3- Kawkab al-hajj. 1884.
4- Report added to Kawkab al-hajj. 1885.

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