Al-Tibb al-Jadid al-Kimya’i. Al-Tayarat al-Oropiyah fi ‘Asr al-Nahda wa sira’iha ma’ al-tibb al-taqlidi. La Nouvelle Medicine Chimique. Deux Manuscrits de Salih Nasrallah ben Sallum Al-Halabi (XVII Siecle).

Ben Sallum al-Halabi, Saleh Nasrallah / Edited by Kamal Chehade.

Book ID: 30000


8vo. 363 pp of Arabic text, [11 summary in French], several images scanned from original manuscripts, biblio, publisher’s original wrappers, copy in mint condition, title in French & Arabic, Aleppo University, Institute for the History of Arabic Sciences, Aleppo, 1997.


Sibt al-Maridini (1423 – 1506 AD), was an astronomer and mathematician. His maternal grandfather, Abdullah al-Maridini, was a reputed astronomer of the eighth century AH. He was a disciple of the astronomer Ibn al-Majdi (d. 850/1506), according to tradition.
Sibt al-Maridini taught mathematics and astronomy in the Great Mosque of al-Azhar, Cairo. He was also a timekeeper (Muwaqqit) of the mosque.] He wrote no fewer than fifty treatises in astronomy (sine quadrants, sundials, astronomical tables and prayer times) (Young (2007)) and wrote at least twenty-three mathematics textbooks.
Al-Sakhawy counted two hundred books that were written by Sibt al-Maridini, on Islamic law, astronomy, and mathematics. Libraries that specialise in ancient manuscripts, all over the world, have transcripts of his works.

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