Al-Wasla Ila Al-Habib Fi Wasf Al-Tayyibat Wal Tibb. TWO VOLUMES.

Ibn al-Adim, Kamal al-Din (1192-1262).

Book ID: 29274


4to. Volume I: 413 pp. / Volume II: 417-1076 pp. Arabic text + 18 b/w plates from original manuscript, publishers’ original wrappers, cover slightly soiled, otherwise set in very good condition, indices, Institute for the History of Arabic Science, University of Aleppo, 1988.


Ibn Al-Adim, the leading historian of his native city Aleppo. He was appointed professor in a madrasa of Aleppo 1219-20., and later Qadi and Vesir to the Ayyubide rulers of Aleppo, Al-Aziz and Al-Nasir. It is with the latter that he fled to Egypt when the mongols captured and devastated the city in 1260. This work is a detailed guide for making perfumes and food.

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