Al-Wusla Ila al-Habib fi wasf al-Tayyibat wa-al Teeb. TWO VOLUMES.

Ibn al-’Adim, Kamal al-Din (1192-1262).

Book ID: 29274


4to. Volume I: 413 pp. / Volume II: 417-1076 pp., Arabic text + 18 b/w plates from original manuscript, publisher’s original wrappers, cover slightly soiled, edges slightly bumped, otherwise set in very good condition, indices, Institute for the History of Arabic Science, University of Aleppo, 1988.


Ibn Al-’Adim, the leading historian of his native city Aleppo. He was appointed professor in a madrasa of Aleppo 1219-20., and later Qadi and Vesir to the Ayyubid rulers of Aleppo, Al-Aziz and Al-Nasir. It is with the latter that he fled to Egypt when the Mongols captured and devastated the city in 1260. This work is a detailed guide for making perfumes and food.

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