British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 1 & 2, 1978. TWO PARTS.

Latham, J. D. (Editor).

Book ID: 28389


8vo. Part I: 76 pp / Part II: pages 79-143, publisher’s original red wrappers, No 1 with faded spine, otherwise set in very good condition, British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Oxford, 1978.


Contents of Part I:
1- Stratification, authority and justice in the law of the Islamic Middle East. A Bibliographic Essay Part II: A. E. Mayer.
2- Ethnicity in Israeli politics: B. Wasserstein.
3- Literature as a unifying influence in modern Arab culture: F. Moussa-Mahmoud.
4- The diffusion of the knowledge of Arabic language and literary civilisation in the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin: F. Steppat.
5- The Islamic collection at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: J. W. Allam.
6- Middle Eastern studies in British universities and work in progress: Robin Bidwell / Peter Sluglett.
Contents of Part II:
1- Some reflections on the Sunni/Shi’i Question in Iraq: P. Slugett & M. Farouk-Slugett.
II- The Formation of an Image of the Arab: a propos of “The Arab Mind” by John Laffin, H. M. D. Kilpatrick.
III- The Eight Congress of Iranian Studies and Some Remarks about Present-Day Kerman: F. R. C. Bagley.
IV- Report on the Encyclopaedia of Islam: C. E. Bosworth.
V- Middle Eastern Studies in British Universities: L. P. Elwell-Sutton, D. Hopwood & Others.

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