Calligraphers and Painters. A Treatise by Qadi Ahmad, Son of Mir-Munshi (Circa A.H. 1015/A.D. 1606).

Qadi Ahmad, Son of Mir Munshi.

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8vo. x, 223 pp., 8 b/w plates hors text, translated from Persian by V. Minorsky with introduction by B.N. Zakhoder, publisher’s wrappers, rubbed round edges, vignette on upper cover & title page, biblio, index, title page repaired at top margin, otherwise copy clean and in very good condition, Freer Gallery of Art, Occasional Papers Volume III, Number 2, Washington, 1959.


This work is translated from the Persian by V. Minorsky and from the Russian by T. Minorsky. Chap I: On thulth and other similar styles (of writing) and their origins. Chap II: On the masters of the ta’liq style. Chap III: On the masters of the nasta’liq style. Chap IV: On painters, gilders, masters of gold sprinkling and “découpé” work, dyers of paper, and on other cognate matters. Creswell 626.

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