Carte de la Turquie d’Asie, de la Perse, de l’Afghanistan, de Belouchistan et de la grande Boukharie, avec une partie des etats voisins.

Lapie, Colonel Pierre.

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Steel engraved folding colour map, engraved at C. Piquet, 139 x 64 cm, laid down on linen, kept in a thick marbled paper & fitted in a slipcase, title gilt on spine, J. Andriveau-Goujon, (Rue de Bac No. 21), Paris, 1848.


Lapie (1779-1850) was a French cartographer and engraver. He was the father of cartographer Alexandre Emile Lapie. Lapie was a Colonel in the French army, where he worked in the corps of topographical engineers. He worked closely with his son and published works together and individually. The work of Lapie and his son was influential on German commercial map making in the 19th century. Works by Lapie are held in the collection of the Library of Congress.

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