Classiques Arabes. L’Homme et Le Monde, Six Écrivains Arabes (SEVEN VOLUMES).

Ibn Fadlan, Ahmad. Bin Shaddad, Baha’ Eddin. Ibn Tufail. Ibn Hazm. Ibn Khaldun & Al Ibshihi.

Book ID: 1910


French text. I: 60 pp., introduction / II: 95 pp., 8 colour plates hors text / III: 75 pp.,16 colour plates hors text / IV: 131 pp., 16 colour plates hors text / V: 83 pp., 16 colour plates hors text / VI: 124 pp., 16 colour plates hors text / VII: 60 pp., 16 colour plates hors text, each volume fitted in a special sleeve, publisher’s coloured wraps, set fitted in a lightly rubbed box. Limited & numbered edition to 2000, Al Mutawassit publishing & Kitaba, Paris, 1981.


Seven volumes of classical Islamic works were published under the title Min al Turath al Arabi. Translated in French under the title Classiques Arabes. The volumes are as follows:
1- A study by André Miquel under the title L’Homme et Le Monde.
2- Voyage chez les Bulgares de la Volga by Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, illustrated with coloured maps from a 13th century manuscript by al-Idrissi kept at the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris and entitled Nuzhat al Mushtak fi Ikhterak al Afaak, translated by Marius Canard.
3- Le Collier du Pigeon by Ibn Hazem al Andalusi, illustrated with colour drawings from a unique Arabic manuscript preserved at the Vatican Library and entitled Hadeeth Bayad wa Riyadh. Translated by Léon Bercher. It is thought that this manuscript was written and illustrated in the 13th century in al-Andalus or Morocco.
4- Hai Ibn Yakzan, Roman Philosophique by Ibn Tufail,translated by Léon Gauthier. Illustrated with colour plates from a Persian manuscript by Ibn Bakhtishyu’ entitled Manafi’ al Hayawan which is kept at the Pierre Morgan Library , New York.
5- Saladin, by Baha’ Eddine Ibn Shaddad, translated by William Mac Guckin de Slane, illustrated with colour plates from two manuscripts, the first by Ibn Khuzam entitled Al Makhzun Jami’ al Funun, kept at the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris, the second by Al Tartusi entitled Tabsurat Arbab al Albab fi Kaifiyyat al Najat fi al Hurrub min al Aswa, which was written in 1187 after Salah al Din liberated Jerusalem, and kept at the Bodlean Library in Oxford.
6- Économie Politique from Al Muqaddimah by Ibn Khaldun, translated by Vincent Monteil, illustrated in colour plates from a manuscript entitled Al Makamat, by al Hariri, and kept at the Bibliothèque nationale in Paris.
7- Démons et Merveilles, selected from Al Mustatrif fi Kul Mustazrif by al Ibshihi, translated by G. Rat, illustrated in colour plates from an original manuscript entitled Le Monde des Merveilles by al Kazwini, which is kept at the Freer Gallery in Washington D.C.

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