Croisiere Mediterranee Orientale, Mars- Avril 1931, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Damascus, Istanbul, Athens and Corfu.

Two Photographic Albums.

Book ID: 35987


Oblong 8vo. Album I: Libya. Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Damascus, Constantinople, Athens & Naples, a total of 123 snapshots all captioned in hand written ink text, size 8 x 6 cm / Album II: Libya, Alexandria & Cairo, Jerusalem, Beirut & Baalbek, Damascus, Istanbul, Athens & Corfu, a total of 98 snapshots, all captioned & hand written in ink, size 8 x 6 cm, 1931.


A total of 221 photographs all captioned in the same hand writing. Four photographs to the page, the albums entitled: “Croisière en Méditerranée Orientale Mars-Avril 1931”. The journey was on board the ship Jean Laborde. The photographs depict landscape, old monuments, social life, soldiers, lemonade, orange juice and bread merchants, religious occasions and celebrations.

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