Damascus A Photographic Journey 1840-1918.

El-Hage, Badr.

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ISBN:      9789953554716


4to. 263 pp., 1 large folding plan, 289 b/w photographs & illustrations including two large folding panoramas, pictorial hard back binding, biblio., index, Kutub Publishing, Beirut, first English edition, 2019.


” Damascus was and still the them of many historians, travellers, poets, archaeologists, and scholars in different field. I do think that 19th century photography of the city is still one of the subject that needs more research and documentation.
This book is divided into three chapters and a selection of photographs. The first is a brief introductory description of the history and topography of Damascus, and its major sites, markets, buildings, public baths, etc. The second is a chronological and biographical survey of the photographers of the city. The third and final chapter is entitled “Orientalist Photography”; it is a critical essay discussing the European political background and commercial interest that drove many photographers to travel to Syria or to establish studios there for business reason.” (Introduction).

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