Das Erzahlerische Fruhwerk Mahmud Taymurs. Beitrag Zu Einem Archiv der Modernen Arabischen Literatur.

Wielandt. Rotraud.

Book ID: 21149


8vo. xii, 438 pp of German text including 9 pages summary in English & Arabic, publisher’s original wrappers, UNOPENED Copy, biblio, index, Beiruter Texte Und Studien. Band 26, Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden & Beirut, first edition, 1983.


This study is an attempt at analysing the role of Mahmud Taymur’s role in the emergence of the modern Arabic short story. Its objects are the stories oublishged by Taymur from 1920 to 1934. As shown in the introduction, these works can be reasonably considered to mark the initial pahse of his career as narrator. The study explores them using two complementary approaches: a systematic analysis which includes the original texts as well as the revised versions published during the time under consideration in part one, and a chronological record in which articles devoted to one story each are arranged according to the dates of first publication in part two.

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